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Volunteer Emergency Support Team



A Community Emergency Response Team Program


A Volunteer Organization of Highly Trained First Responders that

Provides a Greatly Needed Assistance to Professional Responders













The Jefferson County Volunteer Emergency Support Team, in conjunction with the

Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, desires for civic minded citizens to answer

the call and be prepared to come and aid their neighbor.

Volunteers will receive the following training:

Disaster Preparedness - Instructs team members how to prepare themselves and their neighbors for the various hazards that may occur.

Team Organization and disaster Psychology - Addresses organization and management principles necessary for CERT to operate successfully. This lesson covers critical incident stress for victims as well as the workers.  

Medical Operations - Team Members will learn how to conduct triage, establish medical treatment areas, and provide basic first aid for victims.

Damage Assessment - Team members will learn how to rapidly assess damage employing a standardized format used throughout the country.

Disaster Simulation - A small scale disaster simulation, located in the team's neighborhood, is also a part of basic program.

Fire Suppression - Team members will learn how to use extinguishers and other equipment to suppress small fires.

Light Search and Rescue - Team members will learn light search and rescue planning techniques, and rescuer safety.

Refresher course and continued education will be a part of the monthly meetings that VEST members will be attending.


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