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Neighborhood Watch Program

Sgt. David Taliaferro

865-471-6000 Ext. 1120


Who are we?

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Neighborhood Watch Program, is a charitable volunteer passive crime prevention program. 

What do we do?

We encourage and train residents to watch out for each other to reduce crime in their community.

Why do we do it?

The main objective is to have as many residents actively participating in their neighborhood, as possible in order that any threat to that area will be reported to the police, thus avoiding the occurrence of a crime.


We report any suspicious activity in our neighborhoods, whenever they occur. Our volunteers are always vigilant.

Where are we?

We have a Neighborhood Watch program in many communities throughout the county.

What are the benefits of joining a neighborhood watch program?

Personal Benefits

  • Opportunity for training and skill development

  • Increase sense of personal safety and security for property

  • Reduce risk of being a victim of crime

  • Personal satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of family and neighborhood

  • Meaningful participation

  • Recognition of volunteer work

  • Enhance self-confidence

  • Opportunity to develop leadership abilities

  • Learn coping strategies and problem solving

  • Volunteering is good for your heart

  • Volunteering enhances your job resume

Social Benefits

  • Opportunity to meet neighbors and build friendships

  • Satisfaction of working as part of a team with a common goal

  • Sense of belonging and sharing

  • Reduces isolation by having contact with other members

  • Establishes links with other crime prevention activities

  • Sense of community pride and ownership

  • Networks are developed to provide a place to turn to when in need


  • Fosters safer streets and property

  • Supports crime-prevention through environmental design

  • Safety audits

  • Freedom from fear (crimes against property and person)

  • Guidance on alarms and securing property

  • Proactive action is taken on problem areas


  • Can reduce insurance costs

  • Increases recovery rate of stolen property

  • Reduces policing costs and taxes

Anyone interested in beginning a neighborhood watch program inside their community can contact Sgt. David Taliaferro at (865) 471-6000 Ext. 1120 or email dtaliaferro@jeffersoncountytn.gov


   "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"