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Court Security

Officer Ronnie Smith

865-471-600 Ext.

The sheriff is responsible, by law, for providing court security. The purpose of court security is to assure that order and control is maintained in the court system. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has ten deputies in the Court Security Division. Circuit Court, Sessions Court, Juvenile Court, and Chancery Court, are required to have a court bailiff, which is a sworn deputy, who works in the court system to maintain order. The remaining deputies perform different functions, such as working the metal detector at the front door of the Jefferson County Justice Center.

All persons entering the Jefferson County Justice Center will have to go through a metal detector and all handbags and briefcases are searched for any weapons and/or contraband. The metal detector is shaped like a doorframe, and will beep if anything metal is on the body that passes through. If the metal detector doesn't beep, the person may retrieve any person items that the officer may have searched. If it does beep, the person must step to the side so that a deputy may search the person with a handheld metal detector. Some jewelry, gum wrappers, and even steel-toes boots may set the alarm off, so it is not unusual for people to be scanned with a handheld detector.