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Warrants Division



The Sheriff is responsible for carrying out the service of civil process within each county. Deputies assigned as process servers execute and return to the courts the civil process which is directed to the sheriff for service. Civil refers to such things as lawsuits, divorces, subpoenas for court, child support, judgments, small claims court, etc. Most often the court issues a paper, and civil process deputies serve the paper to the named person(s). The paper often tells the named person(s) a court date or an action that must be taken.

Civil Paper Types

Body Attachments                                                                Scire Facias

Citations                                                                              Show Cause

Civil Warrants                                                                      Subpoenas

Detainers                                                                             Sue & Attach

Fieri Facias                                                                          Summons

Garnishments                                                                      Warrants to Recover

Leveys                                                                                Writ of Attachments

Petitions                                                                              Write of Restitution


A warrant is a judicial writ authorizing an officer to execute a judgment or make a search, seizure, or an arrest. All deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department have the responsibility of serving criminal warrants.

Criminal Warrant Types

Criminal Warrant

Capias / Bench Warrant

Failure to Appear

Violation of Probation or Parole

Fugitive from Justice

Governor's Warrant